5 Story-Telling Techniques Using Large Data

There are many stories that can be told using large data sets. Data is collected by businesses and organizations, it comes from social media, it can be found in government records and tracking systems, and much more. The potential for storytelling with large data sets is endless. Here are some story-telling techniques to help you make your data tell a story.

Statistically Speaking: How to Analyze Data in Excel

It can be hard to digest large amounts of data, especially if that data is in a spreadsheet. Thankfully, there are some ways to analyze the data you’ve collected. It gives readers an overview of what they can do with data and statistics, as well as how to tackle specific analysis techniques What is your goal? What do you want to see? How much information do you need?

Presentation Skills: Present more power and confidence on every client interaction

The art of speaking is a skill that takes practice, commitment and a lot of time. It’s about being able to deliver your message with confidence and power. However, it doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming, especially if you have these presentation skills.

This article will teach you how to present more power and confidence on every client interaction and make your presentation flow seamlessly.

Six Tips to Make Your PowerPoint Presentations Clear, Effective, and Productive

While staying relevant to your audience is important, it's not the only thing you should focus on when preparing for a presentation. While there are plenty of tips out there, these six are some that I've found to be helpful in making my presentations as clear as possible.

A Beginner's Guide to Creating Charts for Data Analysis

Data visualization has become an important tool for businesses who want to make sense of their information and make decisions based on that information. Increasingly, organizations have started using charts within their business reports.

Create Data Automation reports on your own

It is not uncommon for businesses that want professional reporting to invest in data automation software. But what about the worker who needs a quick report, or the person who just wants to save time?

Pivot Table Analysis: A Simple and Powerful Tool for Data Analysis

Pivot tables are a basic tool that you should know. They provide an easy, effective way to organize data and make it easier to spot patterns, trends, and anomalies in your data. To use a pivot table effectively, there are some things you need to know about how it works.

Tips for Excel Users: How to Get the Most out of Excel

If you are a business analyst, some Excel skills will come in handy when you need to quickly summarize data.

Some skills are necessity for salespeople. It can help them determine which customers are most likely to buy your product or service, so they can concentrate their efforts on those people.

18 Excellent Excel Skills That Will Come in Handy in the World of Business

Excel is a powerful tool for business. It's important to know your way around the program so you can create and analyze complex data sets. The more you understand Excel, the more valuable you'll be as a potential employee. Here are 18 skills that will come in handy in the world of business:

How to Value a Business: A Complete Analysis of Various Methodologies

Looking for a way to value your business? Wondering if you should sell it or keep it? This post looks at various methods of valuing businesses and analyzes their pros and cons. We will start by explaining the three main methods: discounted cash flow (DCF), capitalization of earnings (CE), and the price-earnings (PE) ratio.

The 10 Best Ways to Become a Stock Broker

If you're looking for a career that is lucrative and rewarding, becoming a stock broker might be the perfect choice. Here are ten ways you can become a stock broker.

Case Studies to Help You Understand Stock Market Valuation Fundamentals

The stock market can seem like a murky, complicated world of numbers and figures. But the truth is, once you understand the basics, it becomes much easier to explore the different types of stocks on the market.

Doing Excel Right: Excel Tips to Help Get the Most of Your Spreadsheets

There are a few ways that you can master Excel. First, you can use the software to its full potential by using it for what it was made for - financial calculations. Second, you can learn how to use the many features of Excel and make use of them on a day-to-day basis. Third, you can set up spreadsheets and charts to help keep yourself organized. If you want to excel in finance, then mastering Excel is an excellent place to start.

Excel in Finance: How to Master the Software

Excel is one of the most popular software programs around. It’s used by both beginners, market research analyst and experts to track and organize a variety of tasks. However, not many people know that Excel can be used for more than just budgeting or tracking your expenses. If you want to excel in finance, it’s crucial that you understand how to use Excel to its fullest potential.

What Makes a Great Financial Analyst

A financial analyst is a person who is part of a company's internal or external financial analysis process. This individual contributes to the understanding and evaluation of a company's financial performance, risk, and capital structure by analyzing its past, present, and future financial statements as well as any related disclosures.

Interviewing For A Financial Analyst Job: What to Expect and How to Prepare

The process of interviewing for a job as a financial analyst is not as simple as it may seem at first. In order to prepare yourself for this tough process, let's take a look at what you might expect and how you can best prepare for the interview process.