The Power of Compounding

What are the most powerful forces of the world? When someone asks us this question, few of the universal powers like Gravity, Sun, Black Hole etc. come to our mind. 

Do Online Learning Benefit Your Career?

Every person's professional journey tale currently has changed. Earlier people would complete their studies or degrees and join office.

Understanding the Pareto Principle

The Pareto Principle is named after a famous Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto. The first time this principle was noted when he looked at the economic state of the Italian Population.

Dashboard Design Principles

A dashboard is a visual representation of data. Dashboards are prepared to communicate the insights from the data through charts and graphs and help the users make better and informed decisions.

Understanding XLOOKUP with Examples

XLOOKUP is a function which is newly introduced function in MS Office 365. It can be used in place of VLOOKUP as well as HLOOKUP, Index, Match and much more.

Consolidating Data with Pivot Table Wizard

In our earlier article, we discussed how we can do quick data analysis using Pivot Table functionality in Excel. In this article, we will discuss how we can consolidate data across multiple sheets 

Excel Shortcuts for handling Large Datasets

All of us use Microsoft Excel for one thing or the other.

We spend so much time looking at rows and rows of data. However, browsing through data, navigating between sheets or even basic formatting can be very time consuming.

So how about, we look at some simple yet powerful Excel keyboard shortcuts that can perform these actions at the press of a key!

How to Transpose Data in Excel

Transposing data means moving the row data to a column and a column data to a row. Transposing data is useful for data analysis. At times, we have to pull data from various files with different formats.

Waterfall Charts in Excel - Example and Limitations

A waterfall chart is a great way to show variance analysis from one point to the other. These charts help easily visualize the drivers which are responsible for the change. For Example. how the profit or revenue of a company grew from one period to the other.

How to Calculate Total Shareholder Returns (TSR)

In our earlier blog, Total Shareholder Return - Definition & Explanation we discussed about the meaning of Total Shareholder Returns and factors driving returns.

Data Analysis and Reporting with Help of Pivot Tables

Pivot table is a great tool in excel. It helps prepare reports and get insights from huge data sets with just a few clicks. It can help summarize data, reorganize data, group, sort and filter data quickly.

How to Use Sumif Functionality in Excel?

In Excel, we often have multiple dimensional dataset wherein there are more than 1 attribute of the data and corresponding to it, we have certain numerical values.


The PowerPoint zoom feature is a great way to make the presentation dynamic and interactive. When you use this feature, the slides are not presented in a usual order. 

How to Prepare a Cash Flow Statement

The three financial statements – Income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement are dependent and linked to each other.

Data Visualization with Excel Charts

An Excel chart is a graphical representation of data. It helps provides an opportunity to tell a compelling story to the audience through data visualization.

Basics of Accounting - With Examples

Accounting is the process of systematically recording financial transactions in a business. It also involves summarizing, analyzing, and reporting the financial information to its stakeholders.