The covenantal accountability movement has come a long way in the last decade. Today, we are seeing more and more churches begin to adopt formal codes of conduct that outline the expectations for membership. These codes often contain stipulations pertaining to adherence to doctrinal standards, regular participation in church services and practices, and abstinence from certain behaviors.

A mortgage is the biggest financial commitment that most people will make in their lifetime. Because of this, it’s important to understand how a loan works. Reducing the cost of financing your home is an important factor when deciding which mortgage you should choose. Understanding loan structure and its impact on monthly payments can help you make the right decision for you and your budget. There are two primary types of mortgages: fixed rate and variable rate loans.

Getting a loan can seem like a complicated process. Once you determine you need money to make an important purchase, getting it seems like the hardest part. But with some preparation and knowledge of your options, getting a loan is actually pretty simple.

If you’re starting a business or growing your small business, chances are you’ll need working capital to finance operations. You might think you won’t qualify for a loan due to your smaller balance sheet and lack of personal assets such as real estate or a car. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get capital for your project.

Most people don’t know the real cost of renting, but if you do, you can negotiate a lower rent or find a cheaper place to live. By knowing the average rent in your area, you can also know if you’re being overcharged for your current rent. Before you sign a lease for a new rental property, it’s a good idea to find out how much similar rental properties in the area are charging. If you can find a landlord who is charging below average rent, you might be able to negotiate even lower rent. It never hurts to try.

Asset-based lending is a type of financing that uses your business assets as collateral. In other words, the lender gives you money based on the value of your equipment and real estate. 

The Comprehensive Annual Credit Review (CACR) is a process that publicly traded companies and their lenders conduct annually to evaluate the company’s risk profile and monitor its credit risk. The CACR process is intended to identify and manage risks proactively by providing an in-depth look at a company’s operations, financial performance, management, compliance, and other key attributes.

Variable rate loans are a great choice if you’re buying a house and don’t know exactly how much the interest rate will go up. 

There are many ways to begin a career in financial analysis. Perhaps you studied economics or accounting in school, or maybe you have some business experience that makes you eligible to begin with a mid-level analyst position. 

When you’re applying for a loan, the lender will have you go through a credit analysis test. The test is designed to check if you are qualified to take on a loan and also assess your risk as a borrower. 

When it comes to real estate, financing options can be quite limited for many buyers. If you’re trying to buy a property but cannot qualify for a traditional loan from a bank, you may want to consider getting a hard money loan from a private lender instead. 

Managing your debt responsibly means keeping it at a manageable level and making sure that you have the funds to pay it off when it’s due.

When you have bad credit, it can feel like the world is ending. You can’t rent an apartment, get a cell phone contract, or even get approved for car financing. 

Dividend-paying stocks are popular with investors for a simple reason: They tend to outperform non-dividend-paying stocks in the long run. 

When you start a new business venture, you probably think about all kinds of things—market demand, costs involved, profit margins, and so on. 

When you have a bank account, it’s easy to assume that everything will be fine if you spend less than what’s in your account. But that’s not always the case.