Hybrid Learning will Lead Workplace Training

Today’s workforce demands more than old school learning approaches, such as classroom-based seminars and company seminars. It is necessary to blend both virtual and classroom-based learning to make it easier for employees to maintain their relevance in the workplace. Hybrid learning is a right-sized tool to meet these demands and responsibilities. But to make sure the hybrid learning solution is efficient, there are three critical factors to take into consideration.

Coursera vs Udemy – which is a better stock to own?

Online learning has come off age. With two major companies getting listed in the market i.e Coursera (NYSE:COUR) first and then Udemy (Nasdaq:UDMY), it is now widely accepted that online learning is here to stay. Since listing, both of them fallen signifcantly though. Lets dive in to understand more.

How To Make The Most Of Your PowerPoint Skills On Your Resume

A few decades ago, people thought PowerPoint would be a flash in the pan, but today, they’re considered the most effective tool for delivering key information in a cohesive and memorable manner.


PowerPoint enables you to include more content in your resumes.

The Future of Online Learning: Why It Will Become Mainstream with Hybrid Working

Many companies have made the decision to implement a hybrid work environment for their employees over the last year and a half. At first, companies chose this solution as a response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. However, many organizations are now allowing both in-person and remote work for their employees due to its reduced costs, efficiency benefits, and employee approval.

Reasons Why an IPO Is Important and Valuable to a Company

When a company sells stock, its shares are priced relative to how the company is perceived by potential investors. On a level basis, the supply of shares sold is determined based on the current share price and investors' willingness to purchase stock.

Tips for using different Charts in PowerPoint

PowerPoint was originally designed for business presentations; therefore, it has evolved as an integral part of different types of presentations. As a business presentation software, it has become a favourite medium to teach or assist in the development process of a particular project.  However, the potential of the software lies on a hands-on role and it needs to be properly used to ensure its success in the process.

Corporate Learning Permanently Going Online

2020 March…. a deadly virus…name coronavirus or COVID…. quarantine…lockdown…. pandemic…...sudden breakdown of every system that was termed normal actually ushered an era of marked shift and rejigging of every aspect of our lives. The paradigm shift that was visible and totally unimaginable before this time was in the business and education sector. No one ever could imagine that corporates, industries and education can operate remotely. But it happened. 

The Gantt Chart: A Useful Project Management Tool for Your Business

A Gantt chart’s primary function is to help teams break down the different tasks of a project into a cohesive plan. Each task can be assigned a different color, and each task can appear as multiple tasks that span multiple rows. Using different colors and placing each task into a different color in the Gantt chart helps you see a project from multiple perspectives.

How to Become a Finance Project Manager: The Best Way to Get Your Dream Job

Project management is an endeavor to organize and manage the various aspects of different projects successfully. It is based on the principle of communication and collaboration between project stakeholders and professionals to coordinate the various activities of a project, both when the projects are in the development phase and when they reach a final stage of execution. 


10 Excel Tips to Turn Business Intelligence into Real World Outcomes

Excel is one of the best and most versatile spreadsheets you can create. It is the most commonly used for spreadsheet data analysis and data entry. But it’s also a powerful tool for any task that requires data analysis. You can use Excel to enter data into a report or create a report in a few minutes with a few clicks. Excel has become the default tool for managing and analyzing data.

How To Use Microsoft Excel for Design & Data Analysis

We have learned that Excel has a very flexible charting toolkit and that it is capable of performing some very interesting operations with data. In this blog we will explore the features of Excel and how to use these features for data visualization and analysis.

Design and Data: How to Create a Persuasive Presentation in PowerPoint

Data presentations are probably the most visually appealing presentations that you can create. There are lots of data visualizations you can use as graphics. You can incorporate infographics or even more graphs to illustrate your presentation.

How to make Data Analysis Practical: The Basics of Presenting Data

The results of data analysis can give business the vital insights they need to turn in to successful and profitable ventures. It could be the difference between a successful business operation and a business operation that is in trouble.

Data analysis, though one of the most in-demand job roles in Singapore, doesn’t require a degree in statistics or mathematics to do well, and employers from a wide variety of industries are very keen to recruit data analysts.

Investing has become a trend in India: Learn the Value of Investments

2020 was a year for investment learning. People have spent additional time to research more about various investment strategies and thereby lifted up to invest in prospering stocks. Investment has become a trend in India now. As per the report by the State Bank of India, around 142 lakh new investors joined the stock markets in the financial year 2020-2021.

10 Amazing Things You Can Do With an Online Financial Accounting Course

Financial accountants operate in a variety of businesses, from corporate to charity, and their responsibilities vary depending on the organization's nature and size.

The Power of Total Shareholder Return in Business Growth

Total shareholder return (TSR) is considered as a measure of a business’s financial performance, referring the complete amount that an investor makes from an investment—especially, equities or shares of stock.