MBA: Losing relevance?

On a cold January morning, the CAT (Common Admission Test) results were declared and there were celebrations in some households, while some others were feeling dejected.

Most, who scored between 90 to 98 percentile were unsure whether they should be happy or not and whether they would get through any reputed college for their master in business administration (MBA).

Upskilling –  Do It or Perish

The day we enter corporate world, we assume that the days of learning are over and implementing the learnings are here. But the reality is far from true.

It’s actually the other way around. The day you enter corporate world, the time is ripe for you to unlearn a lot of theoretical concepts and learn the practical or cutting edge concepts that are implemented in day to day running of the great corporate show.

Excel Hack: Using the DATE functionalities

Every date on an Excel sheet can be converted into its corresponding number.

For example, the number 1 represents the date January 1, 1900

Let us see how we can find that:

Let us say we have the number 1 on a cell in Excel.

PowerPoint Presentation Slide Elements

A slide in PowerPoint is the fundamental building block of a Presentation. A PowerPoint presentation is simply a collection of different slides arranged in a logical manner to effectively communicate a story.

So then, what are the main components of building a slide? We look at the 5 most important elements which needs to be there on any slide.

Negotiation Based Valuation Approach

There are various methodologies that are used in the real world to value any company.

Some of them are highly complex and technical like the Discounted Cash Flows approach, while some are simple but not very technical like the Multiples valuation approach.

There are also other methodologies like the Sum of the Parts valuation, Regression based approach,

Future of Workplaces

There are a lot of technological innovations happening in the world today that will radically change how the workplaces of the future will look like.

One school of thought is a completely decentralized work-place where every individual will be seen offering their expertise or skill as a service to other individuals and even companies.

Data Analyst vs Data Scientist

Data is the new oil and a lot of new job profiles revolve around it. This is a trend that is hard to reverse in the near future. There are two job profiles in this domain that seem to cause some bit of confusion in our minds. Most people wonder “What is the difference between a Data Analyst and a Data Scientist?” Let us help to resolve this query here.


Posted by Ashish Agarwal

Did you know Excel has a unique way to handle dates (i.e. May 9th 2018) in Excel? Dates on an Excel cell can be represented as a number. You can add, subtract, multiply and even divide dates. How would you use it? What are the different Excel functions to play around with any given date? Read on to find for yourself.