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Free Course - Stock Market Valuation Fundamentals

Learn the different techniques and methodologies to assess the value of a company listed in market

Free Course - Financial Modeling Functions in Excel

Learn all the important financial modeling functions in Excel that every financial analyst should know

Free Course: Data Analysis using TEXT Functions in Excel

Learn Excel functions to do data cleaning, data manipulation and analysis using the TEXT functions

Free Course - A Complete Guide To Cash Flows Statement

Learn detailed breakdown of cash flows statement, how to create it and key insights it provides on financial performance

Free Course - Creating Advanced Charts and Graphs in Excel

Learn how to create some great looking visualization tools using advanced charts and graphs in Excel

Free course: Microsoft PowerPoint Online Tutorials

Are you new to PowerPoint? Join this online course to get 100% familiarity to create business presentations effectively

Free Course - Pivot Tables in Excel

Learn how to do data analysis, consolidation and aggregation using Pivot Tables in Excel

Free course: Financial Statement Analysis

Practical illustrations based learning to create Income Statement and Balance Sheet of any company