What Employers think while hiring employees?

The job market today can be tough to navigate and uncertain. Which means many people are resorting to picking up freelance work in the short-term to keep themselves employed – and it’s clear there’s a massive mismatch between skills employers are looking for and skills that are currently available in the labor market. This results in more gig-based work to fill the gap.

How to Create a Culture for Employees that makes them Thrive

Creating the environment for employees to be productive is key to maximizing productivity. Too often, we allow corporate policies to shape and define the human capital. However, the environment is what drives human capital, so leaders need to create a corporate environment that enables human capital to be productive.

Understanding what financial skills employees should value

In the financial services sector, nearly 50% of employees in the industry do not have a bachelor’s degree. There is a great demand for people who have the right credentials and experience because so many other professionals in this field want to learn from them.

What financial skills employers’ value?

In a survey done by the Institute of Management Accountants, financial service jobs were identified as among the most in-demand jobs in 2015 and 2016. The business advisory service, insurance agent, wealth management, financial analyst, and mortgage loan officer were the top four industries hiring. Although these jobs had median salaries around $57,000, many of these jobs allow you to take time off from work to pursue educational training. You can get a degree while you are still working and still earn income while studying.

Identify a Key Value Driver of Your Business: Tips, Examples and More

There are many different ways to create a successful business. You might have a great idea, or have a perfect niche market in the mind of your customers. Regardless of what you do, there’s one thing that is required to make any business successful – that is customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction can be achieved by understanding your key value drivers and by making sure you provide them with the best services possible.

How to Become a Market Research Analyst: A Step-by-Step Process

As a market research analyst, you will have the opportunity to work with a team of people who are familiar with research methods and statistical analysis. You will conduct studies, collect data, and create reports that help companies make important decisions. The field is rewarding and lucrative so you can expect to see a six-figure annual salary.