Payroll Accounting Tips: How to Conduct the Perfect Payroll Audit

The concept of payroll is very much baffling to many. It’s a management task that requires a lot of care and attention. A payroll audit is an external check on the correctness of payroll accounting transactions. It’s an essential step to ensure that payroll management is being carried out in accordance with accounting and regulatory requirements.

Manufacturing Resource Planning: What Is It and How Does It Work?

When it comes to executing a manufacturing strategy, one of the key decisions is knowing where to focus your time and energy. Too many companies and organizations spread their resources too thin, vying for the same opportunities. This is one of the biggest mistakes manufacturers make — and one that can have serious repercussions. Even the most strategic manufacturing organizations can struggle to keep up with demand and meet ever-shifting market demands.

The Legal Importance of an Audit in Business

Business owners and managers understand the value of an audit in maintaining their business’s operational compliance. However, many are not aware of the legal importance of this business activity as well. It is important to take every step necessary to ensure that your business is operating as it should under the law.

How to Audit Your Business to Reduce Risk and Improve Financial Management

The ability to monitor and exercise control over key resources is paramount for any business. A properly implemented risk management program will assist you in identifying and mitigating risks to your company’s financials. If you’re just getting started with your risk management program, you’ll want to begin by learning how to audit your business.

How to Start and Progress Your Own Zero-Based Budgeting Business

Do you ever wonder why your own personal finances are so messed up? Well, the answer is probably because you’re not making any real effort to change things. When you first start tracking your spending and analyzing where your money is going, it can feel like there are so many opportunities for improvement.

Hedge Accounting - How to Save Money on Your Estate by Creating a Hedge

You may be thinking, “I don’t want to create a hedge. How much money do I need?” And the answer is: it all depends on what type of estate you’re planning. A simple hedge is just that - a hedge. It doesn’t cost anything and will protect you from the risk of one event leading to another. Or in other words, a basic hedge is an insurance policy against financial loss. Here are some examples of how a simple hedge could save you money on your estate: Do you own any property?