How to Measure and Improve Your Business Growth with the Gordon Growth Model

The business world is a dynamic environment. Things change almost daily and staying ahead of the curve requires an agile organization that can adapt to new situations quickly. As such, businesses need to constantly be reassessing their strategies and making changes where necessary. There are many different ways to measure your business growth, both in the short-term and long-term.

Startup Valuation Methods: The Basics for Understanding How to Estimate the Value of Your Startup

Before you can successfully raise capital from investors, you need a valuation for your startup. Whether you’re looking to take your company public or private, get an equity investment from another firm, or receive grants and awards, you will need a valuation to complete these tasks. A startup valuation is an estimation of the value of your business at a particular point in time.

Understanding the Value of Your Company: The Market Valuation Approach

The value of a company is the worth of that business. It is the price tag on a company and can be broken down into two main components: market valuation and equity value. The former refers to how much money an investor would pay for a stake in your company, while the latter refers to how much your company is worth from an equity standpoint. In order to understand the value of your company, you need to look at different metrics that give insight into its value.

When you open a bank account, you’ll be prompted to choose between a checking or savings account. You might wonder which one is better. If you’re new to personal finance, the language used in banking can seem daunting. Terms like “interest rate” and “loan” may seem confusing at first glance.

Financial planning is about setting long-term goals and creating a plan to achieve them. While there are many things you need to consider before finalizing your financial plan, one of the most important factors is whether or not you are adequately prepared for retirement. 

These are challenging times for many Americans. Even though the economy continues to improve from the recession, most working adults continue to struggle with their finances. The cost of living continues to rise while wages stay stagnant, which has left many people feeling like they can’t get ahead no matter how hard they work.