The Power of Compounding

What are the most powerful forces of the world? When someone asks us this question, few of the universal powers like Gravity, Sun, Black Hole etc. come to our mind. 

How to Calculate Total Shareholder Returns (TSR)

In our earlier blog, Total Shareholder Return - Definition & Explanation we discussed about the meaning of Total Shareholder Returns and factors driving returns.

How to Prepare a Cash Flow Statement

The three financial statements – Income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement are dependent and linked to each other.

Basics of Accounting - With Examples

Accounting is the process of systematically recording financial transactions in a business. It also involves summarizing, analyzing, and reporting the financial information to its stakeholders.


Excel is a tool most commonly used for data analysis, building financial models for efficient decision making. 

Understanding Market Capitalization and Enterprise Value (EV) with Examples

Market capitalization means the market value of equity shares of the Company. It is an important component of a Company’s valuation.