Cash Flow Statement : Explanation and Example

Cash flow statement is a statement reported by Corporates in their filings along with the Income Statement and the Balance Sheet.

Total Shareholder Return - Definition & Explanation

Total shareholder return is rate of return earned by an investor by investing in stocks of Companies during the investment period. An investor investing in stocks makes money in two ways;

Fundamental Analysis vs Technical Analysis

Description : Understand the basic difference between fundamental and technical analysis of stocks to determine the quality of long-term investments

Why You Need Valuation Analyst Skills?

Yes Bank is the fifth largest private lender in India. It accounts for approximately 2.3% of total bank loans and 1.6% of banks deposits domestically.

Selecting Good Companies for Investment?

Equity markets have generated highest returns for decades as compared to gold, fixed deposits, debt and other financial instruments. All of us want to generate high returns from our portfolio.

Measures of Financial Performance

There are a number of financial metrics used frequently to measure performance of a company. To name a few; EBITDA margin, EBIT or operating margin, Net income margin, earnings per share, return on equity, return on invested capital or Return on capital etc.