10 Amazing Things You Can Do With an Online Financial Accounting Course

Financial accountants operate in a variety of businesses, from corporate to charity, and their responsibilities vary depending on the organization's nature and size.

Investing has become a trend in India: Learn the Value of Investments

2020 was a year for investment learning. People have spent additional time to research more about various investment strategies and thereby lifted up to invest in prospering stocks. Investment has become a trend in India now. As per the report by the State Bank of India, around 142 lakh new investors joined the stock markets in the financial year 2020-2021.

How to make Data Analysis Practical: The Basics of Presenting Data

The results of data analysis can give business the vital insights they need to turn in to successful and profitable ventures. It could be the difference between a successful business operation and a business operation that is in trouble.

Data analysis, though one of the most in-demand job roles in Singapore, doesn’t require a degree in statistics or mathematics to do well, and employers from a wide variety of industries are very keen to recruit data analysts.

How to Become a Finance Project Manager: The Best Way to Get Your Dream Job

Project management is an endeavor to organize and manage the various aspects of different projects successfully. It is based on the principle of communication and collaboration between project stakeholders and professionals to coordinate the various activities of a project, both when the projects are in the development phase and when they reach a final stage of execution. 


5 Limitations of Financial Accounting and How to Overcome Them

Financial accounting is a powerful tool that can help you manage your business. It allows you to track all of your company’s financial transactions and measure how well they’re performing. However, there are a few limitations of financial accounting. In this blog post, we will explore these limitations and share some tips on how to overcome them.

A Comparison of Financial Accounting and Management Accounting

In the business world, accounting plays a vital role in understanding a company's assets and liabilities as well as how those factors impact its financial position. There are two main types of accounting: management accounting and financial accounting.