PowerPoint as a Skill is a Great Career Niche

PowerPoint is not an unknown term anymore. It has always been there for businesses to increase their sales. It is a tool or a way which is meant to be utilized for small businesses.

Digital PowerPoint is relatively a newer term in this career stream.

Skills you need to advance in PowerPoint

Today, PowerPoint is everywhere. In almost every profession, like Accounting, lawyers, software professionals, Lecturers, etc every profession uses PowerPoint. Providing presentations using PowerPoint is an art, but for it, you need to excel in creating the PowerPoint design. Hence, it becomes very important to master PowerPoint skills in today’s world.

Design and Data: How to Create a Persuasive Presentation in PowerPoint

Data presentations are probably the most visually appealing presentations that you can create. There are lots of data visualizations you can use as graphics. You can incorporate infographics or even more graphs to illustrate your presentation.

Tips for using different Charts in PowerPoint

PowerPoint was originally designed for business presentations; therefore, it has evolved as an integral part of different types of presentations. As a business presentation software, it has become a favourite medium to teach or assist in the development process of a particular project.  However, the potential of the software lies on a hands-on role and it needs to be properly used to ensure its success in the process.

How To Make The Most Of Your PowerPoint Skills On Your Resume

A few decades ago, people thought PowerPoint would be a flash in the pan, but today, they’re considered the most effective tool for delivering key information in a cohesive and memorable manner.


PowerPoint enables you to include more content in your resumes.

How to Create an Outstanding Executive Summary in PowerPoint

An executive summary is a short presentation of the most important points in your business plan. It serves to provide an overview of the company, its products, and its goals. It’s one of the first things potential investors will want to see when you are pitching your company.