About Skillfin Learning


SKILLFIN LEARNING is a leading global online training provider in technical skills for business, finance and consulting jobs.

We like to envision ourselves as a BRIDGE between the college education and the role expectations of a corporate job. College education is an absolute must in laying a strong foundation in our students. However, in today’s competitive world, we need to step it further with some practical real-life job skills. Employers are increasingly looking for job ready employees who can be put to productive work as soon as they come on-board. This is where we come in to help out our students to acquire the skills that they would need to successfully transition from a college student to corporate professional.

Our course content is curated by industry veterans who have more than a decade of experience working in consulting and financial services industries. They have condensed their learnings from their professional experience into these courses. The experts are personally involved with the course design as well as content curation and also provide one on one feedback to the students on all course assignments.


We have a number of online courses in the area of business, finance and data analytics enrolled into by thousands of students globally. We can broadly categorize the courses into following job roles:

  • Financial Analyst courses
  • Data Analyst courses
  • Business Analyst courses
  • Investment Banking courses
  • Consulting courses

We have taught more than 25,000 students globally across 166 countries. We aim to reach more than a hundred thousand students to make them “job-ready”.


Ashish Kumar Agarwal

Prior experience: BlackRock, McKinsey & Co.

Ashish has more than 10 years of experience working in consulting and financial services domain. He has served large clients globally in the financial services sector advising on corporate strategy, new business initiatives, merger and acquisitions, corporate valuations as well as regulatory submissions. At BlackRock, he was responsible for managing and overseeing the CCAR/DFAST submissions for banking clients in US. At McKinsey, in his last engagement, he was a subject matter expert in Corporate Finance advising a large Private Equity client on a potential acquisition of a banking target.