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WE are a leading global online training provider for business, finance and consulting skills. More than 25,000 participants are enrolled in one or more of our courses globally across 165+ countries. We aspire to provide high quality training at affordable prices. Our online platform ensures you can take the courses anytime anywhere. Our courses will make you ENABLED to shine in your professional careers  and keep you ENGAGED with practical and on-the-job like training. The content has been curated by veteran experts globally who have worked with the biggest consulting and financial services firms in the world. 

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  • Career Focused

    Career Focused

    We focus on the right skills for a long career in business and financial domain

  • Practical Content

    Practical Content

    The courses are very practical and full of real life illustrations to give you a flavor of what you can expect in the job

  • Practical Assignments

    Practical Assignments

    Every course has multiple practical assignments, quizzes and courses challenges to test your learning from the course

  • Interview Ready

    Interview Ready

    Our students have also benefitted in cracking job interviews after taking our courses

  • 24x7 Assistance

    24x7 Assistance

    Our team is highly responsive to your queries and answers within 24 hours of any question posted by the students

  • Money Back Guarantee

    Money Back Guarantee

    We provide a 30-day money back guarantee if the course did not live up to your expectations


  • Rameez Akhtar

    Rameez Akhtar

    The Financial Analyst Skills Training (FAST) course

    The Course Covers Almost Everything That Will Give A Young Aspiring Financial Analyst All The Tools To Land A Suitable Job In This Competitive World.

  • Joseph Abruzzo

    Joseph Abruzzo

    Financial analysis: Compare performance of companies

    This is a straight forward and visual presentation on how to think about evaluating a company & its performance. The numerical examples, evaluation and score card are very useful. Thank you.

  • Jie Zhang

    Jie Zhang

    The Data Analyst Skills Training course (DAST) with Excel

    Nice examples. Easy to follow. Inclusion of the spreadsheet is particularly helpful for enabling the student to practice what they are learning, thereby reinforcing the lessons.

  • Redvers Crooks

    Redvers Crooks

    Financial modeling: Build a DCF equity valuation model

    An excellent worthwhile course to study that has great presentation, narration and superb content.Helped me derive a legitimate valuation for our startup.